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Masanın Etrafında Oturan İş Adamları Grubu




We provide consultancy services to both public and private companies in various sectors in the field of corporate and commercial law in the areas of incorporation, drafting of commercial contracts, institutionalisation, partnership rights, joint ventures, drafting of internal directives and restructuring.


We provide consultancy services to our clients in the areas as follows: registration of a new company, transfer or sale of shares within the company, arrangement of agreements between the relevant parties in the event of mergers or demergers, execution of capital increase or decrease processes within the framework of corporate law; carrying out all kinds of internal reorganisations including spin-off, merger, change of type, liquidation, transfer of assets, transfer of business or transfer of shares, consultancy in disputes between shareholders or between shareholders and the company, preparation of legal agreements starting from the initial negotiations of investment processes, obtaining the necessary administrative permissions from regulatory and supervisory authorities, the fulfilment of the necessary obligations and transactions in terms of companies subject to capital markets legislation, providing training/consultancy services within the framework of the Turkish Commercial Code, and amending the articles of association in order to reflect the provisions of the Turkish Commercial Code or to reflect the provisions concluded between the existing shareholders.

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