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Legal and Administrative Secretary

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Balioğlu is looking for a Legal Secretary and Administrative Assistant to work in his office in Levent, Istanbul. This position will be responsible for taking on the various administrative and secretarial duties necessary to improve the efficiency of the day-to-day running of our office.

As Balioğlu, we operate with the vision of being a leading firm in the legal sector. Our mission is to help our customers to manage their business in the best way by providing the best service. Everyone working in our office is working to achieve this mission.

Our expectation from the person to be recruited is primarily to undertake the administrative and secretarial duties necessary to increase the efficiency of the daily functioning of our office. It is also important for the person who will work in this position to be able to communicate well with all the employees in our office, to be a good organizer and to order the priorities correctly.

In addition, it is preferred that the person to be recruited is interested in the legal sector and has a good command of legal terminology. Technical skills such as good time management, written and verbal communication skills, and a command of office software programs are also required.

Among the benefits we will provide are training opportunities that will support the business life and personal development of our employees.

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